The Chalice of Thrommel

Session notes as transcribed by Davkul Darkeyes

At the start of the night, a member of the Knightly Conclave named Helissa invited us to the King’s Arm Tavern to discuss a job opportunity. We all readily agreed to meet her and when we arrived she told us about a task from Sharise Percevant Dragon herself.

The task is that an incredibly rare gem called a Deep P earl has gone missing as well as the man who was to appraise it. The three guards sent for safety measures were killed, one with poison and two with slit throats. Oben Gemsetter, who was to appraise the Pearl, was missing. The suspicion was that he gave into his greed and fled.

The pearl was to be a spell component to help protect Chendl should it ever fall under siege again and it’s recovery was of the utmost importance. After giving us a description of Oben, Helissa asked us to be discreet as the Noble’s Council would likely have their own investigators.

On the way to Oben’s shop, the smart and dashing Davkul Darkeyes made some discreet inquiries about unusual happenings and learned of a series of murders, where the victims were shoved into things such as pits or crates. The shop itself was guarded by a young nervous guard who was brave enough to hold his duty to Chendl above his own safety.

A quick investigation showed signs of struggle both inside and outside the shop, a thieves mark on the door, and no other missing wares. Talking to nearby shopkeepers we learned of a pair of half orcs skulking around in the alley, dressed in very low quality coarse robes died with charcoal. We learned that the robes they wore matched the fabric that was found on one of the guards who was killed. The robes also had a symbol of Beltar on them, a Flanaess deity of Pits, Caverns and Malice.

As we followed a lead to a nearby Tailor Shop that was closed down, we discovered a half-orc who cursed one of our party before attempting to flee. After dispatching the cowardly foe, a search showed instructions as a sort of map to get them to where they needed to be. Working with the Dark Elf, the heroic and selfless Davkul Darkeyes discovered the final location where the best chances of finding the Deep pearl were.

Meanwhile, Ornando, a cowardly member of the Noble’s Council started to investigate the shop and dragged three of the party for questioning and after his questioning proved futile resorted to base thievery.

After regrouping, we traveled to a warehouse where we hoped to find the pearl. After getting past traps to the main door, when it was opened a horde of goblins surged out, quickly swarming over the courageous and handsome Davkul Darkeyes. Fortunately, our keen eyed elven archer made quick work of the goblin horde leaving only two dark clad figures, one who rained fire on the group and the other using a longbow. After they were dispatched the warehouse was searched.

Two offices in the back of the warehouse held more foes, a gnome with some skill at sneaking and a half orc in the process of threatening Oben Gemsetter who was alive! We dispatched the half-orc but the gnome fled our superior might, vowing vengeance upon us. After the fight we learned that the deep pearl was in a fetish that had previously gone missing. Fortunately by unknown means, the fetish found it’s way into the possession of one Davkul Darkeyes and was returned to Helissa safely along with Oben Gemsetter, earning us the gratitude of the Knightly Conclave.



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