The Chalice of Thrommel

Session three notes as transcribed by Davkul Darkeyes

Helissa rewarded us for our hard work with tickets to a pleasure cruise. Excited for our relaxing time, we made our way with a caravan to Whillip. Neril received a letter from his relatives about a cousin or something. Nothing to worry about I’m sure.

Because of the rebuilding in the northern borders, many goods are being sent north and there is a food shortage. I notice that some of the other travelers in the caravan are nervous on our approach to Whillip. Talking it over with the others, Ansibelle remembered that these roads are ‘haunted’ and patrolled by Green Jerkin Ranger. Jaga elaborated that there was a keep ruled by an evil overlord, called “Bronzeblood Keep”.

Hours yet from the city we discover a facedown body in the road, which of course set the guards on edge. It was a female elf, still alive, although badly injured. She had some bruises from constriction and something odd oozing from one of her wounds. It appears her wounds were inflicted by some sort of plant. When her wounds were treated and she woke up she asked for Marok, who is apparently the distant cousin that Neril got a letter about. They were treasure seeking, looking for the supposedly abandoned Bronzeblood Keep when they were attacked by assassin vines.

We arrive at the Boar’s Head Inn and find our ship, “Spirit of Furyondy”. We learn that Marok, a man named Wilf, and this woman, named Lavayn were ambushed by the assassin vines (they do that), and Wilf was killed. She gives us a magical feather that can be used to send a single message, which Neril uses to contact his cousin.

Apparently we are going to go into the deadly woods to save this cousin. Neril doesn’t ask of course, he’d rather insult me. Clearly “One such as myself” couldn’t understand familial loyalty. That damn dwarf needs [The writing is smudged].

Anyways, of course they’re getting ready to leave and none of them are prepared for the Assassin Vines which we know are toxic. Against my better judgement I’m going to help them, but I swear if I miss my cruise, I’m going to make Neril’s life a living hell. I picked up some herbal remedies and poultices that will at least help our bodies fight off the poisons should it be required, and Ansibelle somehow ran afoul of a shipman.

We learned a little more about Bronzeblood, apparently there was an evil Baron, a magic user who was conducting illicit experiments. Even after he died Thrommel I declared it off limits.

A Green Jerkin Ranger named Hasedon discovers us attempting to go to the Haunt, and we manage to convince him that we are not treasure seekers, or brigands, but a group of friends on a quest to help one of our own save a family member (although that one of our own is an ass).

Further in we encounter an assassin vine but it is dispatched. We made camp while Jaga took Lavayn back to the GJR and good riddance. Whoever thought we should take a weak poisoned elf with us into dangerous territory with us is a mad-dwarf.

Once we are all reunited, we continue on, coming to a marsh with pits of quicksand. Thankfully Jaga at least is trained in wilderness survival and managed to get us through without incident. He also notices tracks that look like someone has trudged through the quick sand.

Further on the ruins come into view and after a mishap with a statue we find Neril’s cousin, being assaulted by Wights. Thankfully we manage to dispatch them and save his cousin. We returned triumphant to Whillip and Ansibelle and I took a well deserved cruise (the others sold their tickets). Watching her work on the ship, I don’t understand why she and I don’t get along better than we do. Something to work on I suppose.



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