Furyondian College of War

Set upon a large hill overlooking the city the white buildings of the Furyondian College of War appear to be more of an estate than a military complex. However, the observant will notice the riding fields, siege engines, and other signs of war craft built for the students.

On any given afternoon the barking of trainers and drill sergeants can be heard insulting and belittling the future fighting men of this academy. Those that come here understand a few basic principles. It is not your status in life, nor the strength in your arms that sets you apart from your enemy. But the courage that flows through your veins and the knowledge inside your mind that will allow you to defeat your enemy and gain honor on the battlefield.

Of those that attempt to come to this college only a select few ever make it through. They are known as warmasters. They are the future of the kings army and are highly respected.


Furyondian College of War

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