Magic in Furyondy

There is little in the way of organized magic in Furyondy. No true wizard’s guild exists, and the monastery to Boccob in Pantarn represents the only real collection of spell casters and notable sages of the arcane in the Kingdom, outside of the King’s own magical advisors. Many prominent wizards operating in Furyondy have ties to the monastery, and most have spent at least some time studying there.

Most Furyondians are familiar enough with wizardry, especially since the War years that they are at ease with its presence. That does not necessarily mean they are comfortable with wizards in general, though it helps, of course, if the wizard in question is displaying the symbol of Boccob.

Adherents to the tenets of Wee Jas are less acceptable, and many times distrusted. The same does not hold true for sorcerers. The phenomenon of sorcery is just becoming known in Furyondy, and despite the unarguable charisma of most of those gifted with the ability, sorcerers represent something different, and thus something distrusted. Wizards, especially adherents of Boccob, have had years of rigorous training; their magic is controlled, calculated, and comfortable. That sorcerers have no such safeguards worries many, and those who openly present themselves as gifted sorcerers may find their reception a little cold. This is especially true in Willip, where sorcerers are openly distrusted and believed to be in league with demons, or worse, Iuz.

Other spell casters—bards, rangers, and paladins—do not concern the average Furyondian.


Magic in Furyondy

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