Mail Riders of Furyondy

The Mail Riders of Furyondy are a group of 100 lightly armored civil servants of the Kingdom. They deliver mail from one town in the Kingdom to the next. They wear King Belvor’s coat of arms and are protected from harm by Belvor’s law. Attacking a Mail Rider is punishable by death. They do not normally carry valuables. Often they travel in small groups on horseback. Most Mail Riders are ex-soldiers or militia.

They charge a reasonable fee to deliver the letters and other correspondence. This is usually 1 silver sheridan piece plus 1 copper common piece per day of travel. Direct service is available between Chendl and Willip City, Chendl and Caronis (on the way to Veluna), and Chendl and Libernan. This can cost 1 golden Wheatsheaf plus 1 silver sheridan piece per day of travel.



  • Level: 3+
  • Region: Must have a primary residence or business in Furyondy.
  • Background: 1 rank in any background dealing with horses or the military.

Time Units per Year

  • 5 TU spent in postal service to the king paid on joining and at the start of the game year.

Special: Must swear allegiance to the King of Furyondy and take an oath to uphold the laws of Furyondy.


Uniform: Each Mail Rider of Furyondy is issued
a uniform and tabard with the seal of Furyondy that is
to be worn at all times when on duty.

Command Headquarters: The headquarters of the
Mail Riders of Furyondy is located in Chendl and
commanded by Postmaster General John Du Bois.
Mail Riders can seek sanctuary at any post office
in Chendl, Willip or Caronis and receive free room
and board.

Promotions: Mail Riders are promoted through
increasing background skills and successful mail
deliveries. A player receives 1 promotion point for
each point in an appropriate background skill,
1 point for each session where they actively complete
a mail delivery and wear the mail rider uniform for the entire session.

Promotion Points Rank

0-2 Rider
3-9 Rider First Class
10-19 Postmen
20-29 Courier
30-39 Postmaster
40+ Postmaster General

Agents of Justice: Mail Riders of the rank of Courier or higher are considered agents of the Kings justice and are trained to investigate crimes, apprehend lawbreakers and deliver them to justice as they pertain to civil matters. Players receive 1 free background point to be spent on any background dealing with the enforcement of laws. Players should familiarize themselves with the laws of Furyondy.

Tactics: Due to the training the Mail riders receive once per session they may recite the creed of the Mail Riders “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” and ignore any one environmental effect for a number of rounds equal to their Mail Rider rank.

Rider’s Kit: Magic bags, pouches, cloaks or containers (including quivers and scabbards) do not count against a Mail Riders magic item limit.

Mounted mastery: When mounted on a steed of the appropriate size, a mail rider adds +4 to his rolls to disengage and can choose to ignore any enemy effect that occurs on either his own or an enemy’s successful disengage.


Mail Riders of Furyondy

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