Your journey through the 13th Age of Greyhawk begins in Furyondy (Fur-ee-ondy), one of the oldest and most noble Kingdoms on Oerth. This nation forms the backbone for the forces of good in the lands and is the stalwart enemy of Iuz the Evil. It is battle weary and is slowly recovering from the ravages of two great wars. Many of its once great roads and castles are badly damaged, and the royal coffers are nearly empty from the war effort.The people of Furyondy are strong and they continue to rebuild their cities and towns, knowing that the battle with the great evil is far from over.

Furyondy’s loses are many, but a new breed of stalwart hero has risen up to carry the banner onward to victory and glory. It is up to the heroes of today to preserve its heritage, restore what was lost and forge a new future for the nation.

The Chalice of Thrommel

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