Jaga Woodveins

Wood Elf Ranger Lvl 8


AC 24
PD 21
MD 20
Save Bonus
Current HP: 144
Max HP: 144
Current Recov: 8
Max Recov: 8
Recovery Roll: 8d8+6

Basic Attacks
Melee: 13 vs AC 8d63 (Miss 8)
Ranged: 11 vs AC 8d815 (Miss 8)

Powers & Spells
Resist Energy
Cleric Spell of the Day (Cure Wounds)

Precise Shot – [A]
Fey Queen’s Enchantment – [A]
First Strike – [A] ©
Lethal Hunter – [A] © [E]
Elven Grace – ©

Fey Queen’s Enchantment
First Strike
Lethal Hunter
Ranger ex Cathedral

Racial Power
Elven Grace: At start of each turn roll die. If result equal or lower than Esc Die receive extra standard action. Start with d6. Each success increase die size. d4→d6→d8→d10→d12→d20→auto fail


Jaga was raised in a village in the Northeast of Furyondy, along the thin source of the Att River. His parents came from Vesve Forest, and he always longed to visit it. From a young age he trained with the bow, learned how to track and survive in the wilderness. In his teens he traveled wide, spending time in the Court of Stars, though he found himself discontent there. He developed a keen interest in magic there, and has pursued it as a hobby since. A number of years later, he had settled for a time in Vesve Forest, rather at peace there. He stayed for near a decade, living in harmony with nature. He grew restless, yearning for his days of wanderlust, and so he has begun traveling again, searching through Furyondy for something to stir his blood.

His bow, as a result of his magical dabbling, now thrums a clear note while being used, varying in scale somewhat randomly, but always pleasing to the ear.

One Unique Thing
My bow sings more sweetly than anything when I use it.

Icon Relationships
Elf Queen Conflicted 1
High Druid Positive 3

Sharp-Eyed +2
Woodsman +4
Magic Dabbler +1
Well Traveled +1

Jaga Woodveins

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