Bardic Colleges

There are two active bardic colleges within the lands of Furyondy that are available to player characters.

College of Concrescent Lore

The College of Concrescent lore is considered the premiere center for non magical learning within Furyondy.

Entry Requirements

To join a character must have 2 backgrounds with 4 ranks each in any of the following or similar areas: Scholar, Scribe, Researcher or Teacher.

A character must pass 3 DC 25 skill challenge tests in their chosen field as witnessed by an existing member. These tests will cost the PC two TU and 100 GP to travel to the college’s main site in Chendl, plus an additional 500 gp stipend to locate a panel of experts to judge the challenge.

PCs must spend their annual dues (250gp) payable at the beginning of each calendar year. This money represents costs incurred in seeing that their knowledge is sent to the appropriate guild members.


Because of their extensive study and the constant updates they receive in their chosen field of study, members receive a +2 circumstance bonus on checks in the college’s specialized fields. This field must be specified at the time of joining the college.

Members who are actively teaching at one of the colleges halls are called by the honorific of Loremaster and recognized throughout Furyondy as experts within their fields. Those not actively teaching are called Loremaster Emeritus in all formal correspondence throughout the realm.

Members also have access to the library’s resources while in Chendl. As such, if permitted time for research while in Chendl, members may make any background check, even if untrained, with a +1 circumstance bonus.

Furyondy Players

The Furyondy Players are a group of bards and other performers devoted to entertainment as well as its business aspects. The main branch of the Players is located in the Reach, in the city of Caronis and the group is often called simply the Caronis Players. The Players do, however, have also a large guild house in Chendl as well as larger cities in the Kingdom.

Entry Requirements

A character must pass 3 skill challenge tests in their chosen field as witnessed by an existing member to join the players. The base DC of the test is 15 and this increases by 5 each time the character wishes to advance to the next rank within the players.

Characters must pay a 100 gp yearly fee to support the players, or may choose to provide work in the way of teaching or performances by spending 8 Time Units a year. The decision is made and the fee paid at the beginning of the calendar year.


The Furyondy Players have four ranks Troubadour, Minstrel, Virtuoso, and Grand Master. For each rank above troubadour (e.g. beginning at the minstrel rank), the character chooses one instrument in which they are proficient in which to specialize. Characters gain a +2 competence bonus on background checks with that instrument. Alternatively, the PC may choose poetry recitation or singing and gain the same bonus.

All gold generated by player owned Theaters and Concert Halls is multiplied by the overall Furyondy Players organization rank.

Characters who reach the rank of Virtuoso receive an inherent +1 bonus to charisma to reflect their magnetic personalities and the skill at which they can manipulate emotions through art.


Bardic Colleges

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