Character Creation Rules



The campaign allows you to create a character of any standard race and class combination allowed in the 13th age core rule book or the 13th Age SRD . Non core/srd or third party options will not be allowed without additional access granted by an in play certificate.

Starting Gold
All player characters will start at 2nd level with wealth as appropriate by the OGL WBL Table.

PC Level : Wealth
2 : 1,000 gp
3 : 3,000 gp
4 : 6,000 gp
5 : 10,500 gp
6 : 16,000 gp
7 : 23,500 gp
8 : 33,000 gp
9 : 46,000 gp
10 : 62,000 gp

Assign Starting Time Units (TUs)
Time Units

Starting Alignments
LG , LN, LE, CG, NG, N

Races Allowed
High Elf
Wood Elf
Dark Elf

Ability Scores
Ability scores will be generated through a 28 point statistic buy as shown on page 30 of the 13th Age rule book.


Heroic Inspiration
Icons are divine aspects of the gods of Greyhawk reflecting elements of their personality and as such characters should select Icons based on deity and character alignment. Characters start with 3 Relationship points to spend among the various icons. The more points spent indicating the stronger relationship.



Each character should have one unique feature you invent for
him or her when you create the character. Your one unique thing
is an unusual trait that sets your character apart from every other
hero. The moment when all the players sit down together with
the GM to create their characters’ one unique thing is often the
moment when a campaign comes to life.


Additional character creation rules can be found in the 13th Age core rulebook or at

Setting Background
The player characters in Furyondy, work best if they fit the feel and history of the land. Below are some guidelines for creating a character appropriate to adventuring in Furyondy.

Your character lives and adventures in Furyondy, but that does not mean he was born here.

See below for a list of alternate starting areas.

Bandit Kingdoms
Shield Lands

It is important, however, that the character has chosen Furyondy as his homeland and that he has some reason for being there. No barbarian is ever truly “native” to Furyondy; barbarians are tolerated by most Furyondians, though not often liked.

No character can begin play as a Knight of the Hart. The Knights are prestigious and powerful organization and only through good deeds and popular renown can one join their ranks.

No character can begin play as a graduate of the Furyondian College of War. Any assignment to learn from the Warmasters at the college is considered a great honor that has to be earned through game play and achievement.

A character may begin the game with ties to nobility, as Furyondy is a Kingdom rich with minor nobles and titled positions. However, your character cannot begin with a title and cannot gain any in-game benefits from noble connections.

Furyondy is mainly human, though there are also a number of elves, half-elves, and halflings living in North,most with ties to Highfolk and the Vesve Forest.

There are small enclaves of gnomes in Littleberg, and in the Reach.

Dwarves are rare in Furyondy, with many of them living in the Reach.

Half-orcs are also rare in Furyondy, though they are growing more numerous, especially in Littleberg; because of lingering feelings leftover from the Wars, half-orc PCs will face some prejudices within the borders of the Kingdom.

The most popular religions in Furyondy are

St. Cuthbert

There are also strong pockets of worship for Boccob and Pelor, and strong ties to Procan and Osprem along the coast in Willip.


Character Creation Rules

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