Furyondy Association of Small Temples and Churches or FASTC

Throughout history Furyondy has relied more upon the skill of its army and their soldiers than any other resource. As such, the formal churches have not grown in power or prestige until the last 20 years or so when troubles with Iuz intensified into full-scale war. In addition to the major churches, there are several smaller, formal churches found throughout Kingdom.

The Furyondy Association of Small Temples and Churches (or FASTC) is an organization composed of several churches. The minor churches were encouraged by the Nobles Council to band together into a loose organization of churches which could offer more effective support than these small churches could on their own. Tithing is paid into the local church, where half of the fees remain while the rest go into a fund to reimburse all the churches that provides service throughout the kingdom, as based on their need and use by all. Support can therefore be given to adventuring clerics from all the represented faiths. This organization covers all churches in the kingdom not outlined in a separate organization (see those outlined below). The churches that have joined this organization (and the location of their main temple) are referenced below.

  • Allitur: Chendl
  • Boccob: Pantarn
  • Celestian: Willip
  • Corellon Larethian: Littleberg
  • Delleb: Chendl
  • Fharlanghn: Willip
  • Garl Glittergold: Claw Gorge
  • Istus: Chendl
  • Kord: Chendl
  • Osprem: Willip
  • Pelor: Chendl
  • Pholtus: Chendl
  • Procan: Willip
  • Yondalla: Littleberg
  • Zilchus: Caronis

Members of FASTC must be very politically correct, since it would be very easy for a FASTC member to concentrate on the differences between the supporting churches instead of the goal of supporting their collective adventuring clerics. In addition, the FASTC clergy must be very knowledgeable about the member churches and their sensitivities.

Costs for the association are slightly higher than the granted benefits due to the extra layer of management and accounting. (The non-lawful members of the association just shake their heads at this.)


Adventuring members of FASTC must be in good standing with their local church and have no outstanding disfavors with the Kingdom of Furyondy, its major churches or any supporting member churches. These are the first tier of membership and comprise the worshippers of the churches.

Initial Cost
Upon joining the FASTC, members must pay a 100 gold fee and fill out an application form.

Yearly cost  
Members must donate 2 TU’s to assist whatever church the association determines needs help at that time such as making repairs to the temples or cleaning various outhouses and stables that member churches might own.

Members of the FASTC tithe 1% of their income in a year.

Entry Requirements
Must worship one of the gods whose church is a member of the organization.

Adventuring Members of FASTC can expect to receive aid from the participating clergymen throughout Furyondy. Members in good standing receive a permanent Influence Point with the association as long as they remain a member.

Adventuring Members of FASTC can purchase the following non-magical items: banner or standard, holy text, and ghost oil.


These are typically the clerics of the faiths, although in some cases holy warriors, such as paladins or templars, join as well. The main task of the clergy is to minister to the faithful through verbal preaching as well as support from divine spells. In some faiths, the martial members such as paladins join as well with their focus on defense and support of the common membership.

Yearly Cost
Clergy of the FASTC tithe an additional 2% of their income in a year (for a total of 3% tithed).

 Each year Clergy of the FASTC must study with their respective temple to renew their familiarity with all of the basic tenets of the respective Churches of the association. This study requires an additional 2 TU from the member (total of 4 TUs).

Entry Requirements
Adventuring clergy of FASTC must be members of the organization, and pay all costs associated therein. They have access to all benefits of general membership.

Must be a member of the organization for six months.

Must be able to cast divine spells.

Member of the associations must demonstrate willingness and ability to work with other religions.

Individuals must be familiar with the tenets of different religions. They must have 2 ranks in a religious background.

Clergy members receive a +2 circumstance bonus to a single background area in which they receive additional training by their faith, as outlined below.

Allitur: Diplomat
Boccob: Arcana
Celestian: Planes
Corellon: Forestry
Delleb: Scholar
Fharlanghn: Cartographer
Garl Glittergold: Miner
Istus: Diplomat
Kord: Athlete
Osprem: Fisherman
Pelor: Healer
Pholtus: Diplomat
Procan: Sailing
Yondalla: Farming
Zilchus: Merchant

Clergy members receive a 10% discount on the following items, through their contacts in the church: healers kit, holy water, silver holy symbol and the chosen weapon of their deity.

Senior Clergy

After some time in the FASTC, members may advance within the ranks to senior clergy. These members command more respect and their word is given more weight than that of regular clergy.

 Senior clergy are still considered members of the clergy and must continue to pay all costs associated with that. They continue to have access to all benefits of regular clergy members.

Yearly Cost
Senior clergy of the FASTC tithe an additional 2%of their income in a year (for a total of 5% tithed).

Senior clergy are expected to donate 100 gold to a different church from their faith in the association each year. The association does not work without the willingness of its members to support all of the different religions of the organization.

Senior clergy spend an additional 2 TU a year assisting the churches in their work (total of 6 TUs).

Entry Requirements
Must be a member of the clergy for six months. Individuals must have more than a passing interest in the tenets of the different religions in the association. They must have 5 ranks in a religious background as well as 5 ranks as a Diplomat.

Senior clergy members receive an additional +2 circumstance bonus (for a total of +4) to the background in which they receive additional training by their faith, as outlined in the clergy section above.

Senior clergy are respected throughout the nation, and are supported during their travels.

They receive free standard lifestyle in Furyondy regional adventures.
Members of the Senior Clergy have access to purchase the following non-magical items
priest’s bullets, holy water sprinkler


Furyondy Association of Small Temples and Churches or FASTC

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