Furyondy Personalities of Note

Chendl and the Fairwain Province


Belvor IV, King of Furyondy — King Belvor is in his sixties,
stands over six feet tall, and is strong and regal in appearance. He has short, light brown hair, blue-green eyes, and a prominent jaw line. The King may be a bitter-hearted old warrior, but he remains devoted to the teachings of Heironeous, the god of valor. Belvor is known as a wise and cunning King and many fear political dealings with him despite the rumors that Belvor only goes through the motions of leadership. He enjoys hunting, archery and jousting. He is not married, and there are many rumors of betrothals occurring. He has a single son, the missing-and-declared-dead Prince Thrommel.

The Chamber of Four — The Four are Belvor’s personal wizard advisors, who reside inside his Royal Palace. They consist of Karzalin, master elementalist of fire ; Gorn Gydresol, newly appointed air elementalist ; Pisenten, resident water elementalist ; and Dramaynen, earth elementalist and sage, and a follower of Ulaa. These wizards are all loyal to Belvor, and all, with the exception of Gorn, seasoned in battle. All four advise Belvor on all matters magical in the defense of Furyondy. As a group they tend to be rather antisocial.

Cataryna of Trithereon — This young flame-haired cleric travels throughout the northern provinces visiting the faithful of Trithereon. She aids adventurers striking into the lands of Iuz and often arranges healing and similar magic to those who return alive. Although she is loyal to King Belvor, she has little patience for diplomacy or the doldrums of political maneuvering.

Gellain, Velunese Ambassador — Gellain is a blond-haired, greeneyed, handsome man in his early forties. He is very sociable and well meaning, but something of a bore, especially since he delights in reminding everyone exactly how important Veluna was to Furyondy in the post-war years. Even though Furyondy has stabilized a bit, easing their reliance on Veluna’s generosity, Gellain enjoys tremendous influence in Belvor’s court.

Garaeth Heldenster — Garaeth is the high cleric to Heironeous in Furyondy. He is nearly as old as the King, but a Wish slowed his natural aging, and he appears to be only 35 or 36. He is 5’ 9" tall and very charming and wise Garaeth is deeply devoted to Belvor, as well as to the citizens of Furyondy, and he will support any of the King’s decisions, and any effort to aid farmers and workers. Several junior clerics and warriors of the faith can almost always be found accompanying Garaeth, as he tends to the affairs of the church in Chendl.

Redankin Desmart, Overseer of St. Cuthbert — Unwise is the person who tries to cross Overseer Desmart. This vigilant, devoted man truly represents the more retributive side of St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel. He is red-faced and overweight, and nearly fifty, and is blunt and impersonal. The charges of St. Cuthbert are foremost in his mind at all times, and any advice he offers the King will be to the best benefit of “Cuthbert’s Lot.” He is the leader of St. Cuthbert’s Order of Billets in Furyondy. He calls for taxation of the rich and defense of the poor.

Vendenn, Canon of Rao — Vendenn is a reasonable and pleasant man. He is tall (6’ 1"), handsome with his gray hair and eyes, and in decent shape. He is a charming and cultured man

General Gallantren — Gallantren is the most senior of the three military commanders in Chendl, and one of the closest of Belvor’s military advisors. He is tall and well-muscled, with long, dark hair and deep-set eyes. He is in his early forties.

General Bemedior — Bemedior is the most vocal of the three military commanders in Chendl. He is sympathetic to the church of Trithereon, and so urges more offensive action against Iuz. Bemedior is broad-chested man in his late thirties with a thick moustache; his brown hair is balding on top.

General Yemanien — Yemanien is the most cautious of the three military commanders in Chendl, pushing for a defensive front against Iuz, as opposed to more offensive military action. Yemanien is a fair-haired, charismatic man in his early thirties.

Noble Council — The seven provincial lords of Furyondy have representatives in Chendl known as the Noble Council. The King must gain the support of this group before making important decrees of law and country. Each representative typically holds his or her own political interests above that of the Kingdom.

The current Noble Council members include

  • Sir Radiur Nelonshir of Kalinstren
  • Baroness Scheredenn of Littleberg
  • Toj Remarukus ofWillip
  • Cleric Jalquayne of Crystalreach
  • Gilbair le Ronde of the Reach
  • Carter de Gurwaltt of the Gold County
  • Telemmand of the March.

Knightly Conclave — A group of minor nobles, known as the Knightly Conclave, frequently debate issues and offers their advice to the King. While the King relies on their support, they fall well below the Noble Council in both power and influence. The Conclave follows elaborate and ancient traditions of rank and procedures. Their head speaker goes by the formal title “Cerise Pursuivant Dragon.” They are always looking for ways to curry favor with Belvor, and perhaps boost their power and influence.

Sir Lanistor — The current head dean of the College of War is Sir Lanistor, a Knight of the Hart. Fiercely loyal, he is a militant man who drives his students with visions of conquest to drive back our old enemy. He has been at the college for four years via royal appointment.

Sir Quill Kith’Barden -— Quill is a Knight of Furyondy, a member of the Knightly Conclave, and a respected member of the Greenjerkin Rangers. He has blond hair, green eyes, and a well-trimmed beard. Quill stands over six feet tall and is fond of wearing woodland colors. His human parents were slain by orcs and surrogate elven parents raised him. In sessions at the Knightly Conclave, Quill has been calling for an expansion of the Greenjerkin Rangers to help patrol the roads of Furyondy.


Barony of Kalinstren


Baroness Jelleneth Kalinstren — The daughter of the fallen Baron Kalinstren, Jelleneth rules the province with a fair hand and a watchful eye on her borders. She is a devout follower of Trithereon and has a fiery temper. She enjoys good relations with Count Jakartai, however, she is watched closely by Belvor, lest her actions drive Furyondy into another series of battles unprepared.

Darden — Formerly the designee to the Noble Council in Chendl, Darden has been recalled by the Baroness to serve as her spiritual advisor in Redoubt. He is a pious man dedicated to his one time student, Jelleneth. Darden is now the head of the church of Trithereon located in the capital city of Redoubt.

Sir Radiur Nelonshir — One of the Baroness’ most trusted advisors has been assigned to represent the province in the Noble Council in Chendl. Over his objections, Radiur was deeded a minor piece of land and he was made a Knight of the Hart (Furyondy). He is a master is of supply logistics and procurement and has a knack for finding things by means no one can quite figure out. Radiur dislikes being away from the front, and has not adapted well to court life. He still wakes early and exercises regularly including weapons training. He wears combat uniforms and wears his hair cropped short and often reminds the nobles, much to their chagrin, that they are still at war.

Cryennik — Formally the commander of Iuz’s forces stationed in Crockport, he escaped just before the city fell to the forces of Furyondy. Cryenik is a ruthless opponent who has held a grudge for years. He is an expert in summoning magical beasts and often sends creatures southward from his hidden lair on the north border of Kalinstren. He favors summoning highly magical flying monsters such as manticores and chimerae, and on one occasion a dracolisk, and enjoys sending them against civilian targets.

Pashenden — The lord of Crying Spear Keep is also a dedicated follower of Trithereon. He supports the northern noble’s efforts to reclaim more lost land from Iuz (his desires currently lean towards retaking some of the former Shield Lands) and often assists the Baroness Kalinstren with military and spiritual aid. He is extremely bright and a cunning tactician whose insights and abilities were key to the holding of the castle during the invasion by Iuz.

Captain Arcturin — Arcturin serves as the eyes and ears of King Belvor at Crying Spear Keep. He is a influential and clever leader of an elitegroup of heavy cavalry. He has a deep respect for Pashenden’s beliefs and abilities, and has been placed in a difficult situation of balancing his duty to his King and the Lord he also serves.

Sharnalem — She is a Knight of the Hart and master of Castle Ehlenestra who is shy and elusive by nature. She has many friends within the region and even more among the Highfolk. She is a well-respected and intelligent leader who lends support to the northern defenses as well as the occasional mission to strike back at goblinkind whom she despises.

Lord Vormar — Vormar is the Lord of Brancast Keep. A typical noble he is concerned with his status in the eyes of the Royal Court and the rebuilding of his keep.


Barony of Littleberg


Baron Jemain — The civil, patient, Baron is a consummate fence sitter, uncharismatic and only mildly attractive; he is 52, heavyset, with dull brown hair and olive skin. Jemain is the Grand Marshall of Furyondy, a position he gained in spite of his conciliatory nature and general lack of hard military experience (or perhaps because of it— Belvor trusts him above all the other ruling Nobles). Jemain is a very wise man, which is probably why he sees things the way he does. Jemain favors Rao above all other deities.

Baroness Scheredenn — The tall, brown-haired Baroness Scheredenn is a very vocal and forceful woman, and an interesting contrast to her quiet husband. While her husband favors Rao, she favors Pelor. Scheredern was recently sent to Chendl, where the Baron Jemain set her up in a suit of rooms and named her his representative on the Noble Council. She was not happy to leave Littleberg, but she has since given herself over to the role of councilor and diplomat.

Cerenellyl — An ancient Knight of the High Forest who is slowly going blind with age. Cerenellyl makes his home in a castle near the Vesve, in Furyondy, where he watches the balance of power in the Kingdom, and learns all he can about the nobles and the King. Cerenellyl often reports back to the Knights of the High Forest about the dealings of Furyondy’s elite. He has contacts throughout the Knights of the Hart, and throughout the Flanaess.

Aubin Gyraisonne — Aubin is the charismatic head of the Monastery to Rao in Pantarn. He is a thin man with sharp features, long brown hair, and a welltrimmed beard. Aubin is a levelheaded man with a commanding speaking voice. Baron Jemain, himself a supporter of Rao, has consulted Aubin often of late, and many suspect it was Aubin’s idea to nominate the forceful Baroness Scheredern to the Noble Council.

Schuter Garalend — A Tenha herbalist living in Pantarn, Schuter is the only source of orcbane in Furyondy. Orcbane is a valuable but highly perishable poison that can be used most effectively against orcs and goblinoids. Until recently, Schuter’s orcbane was being made solely for the benefit of Furyondian forces against Iuz; as hostilities have calmed, however, he has been able to create more for general sale.


Barony of Willip


Baron Xanthan Butrain — Butrain is a practical and stern lord. He does not like surprises. The aging baron has lost most of his graying black hair. Sometimes his gray eyes reveal his concerns. The Baron had won a reputation for intelligence during the Greyhawk Wars by reinforcing the March’s troops to the north and covering the western banks of the Veng.

William Butrain — The heir apparent to the Baron of Willip is William Butrian. He has a reputation for being irresponsible and for excessive gambling. In his early 30’s, William is in excellent physical condition. He has dark brown hair. He has his father’s gray eyes but lacks his father’s court etiquette.

Grand Admiral Rosen — Rosen is commander of the Royal Furyondian Navy. Rosen is a monster of a man with a very tanned and weather-beaten face, crew cut gray hair and beard and dark brown eyes. His armor is crafted from a dragon turtle skin and his shield is crafted from dragon turtle shell. Rosen is a military man pure and simple and employs a greatsword in battle. He leaves the politics of the land to the King. The admiral demands strict discipline in the Royal Navy. The Pride of Furyondy is Rosen’s own war galley.

Toj Remarukus — Toj is Willip’s young, quiet, ill-tempered representative to the Noble Council. Toj is very loyal to both his church and to the Barony, and will officiously object to any policy or decision that might not benefit either. Toj is tall, thin, and dark-complexioned, with a short shock of black hair.


County of Crystalreach


Count Artur Jakartai — The leader of the province, Artur is an accomplished warrior and recognized hero for his accomplishments along the Furyondian front. A noble man of proud bearing, Artur never forgets that he is originally from the Shield Lands and looks for ways to aid them without incurring his King’s wrath. He is both unusually tall (just under seven feet) and well built (he weighs 355 lbs), making him a most imposing figure.

Cleric Jalquayne — Jalquayne represents Crystalreach’s interests as Count Artur’s representative on the Noble Council in Chendl. He served in this capacity under the previous ruler, Count Halpern, and is well received by the other members of the Council, making up for the awkwardness of the region’s Count.

Sir Kiprien Rahlden — Rahlden is a long-standing noble and member of the Knights of the Hart. He is the commander of the town of Moatshield and he is known by reputation throughout most of Furyondy as a strong supporter of the King. Rahlden is a red-haired man of about forty.

Curtem the Calloused — A stout Lortmils dwarf who is Artur’s the chief engineer in charge of building defenses. He owns a spade of colossal excavation and uses it for the good of the province. Curtem has black beard and hair, and brown eyes.

Ereland Manneth — Commander of the garrison on the fortified town of Fendrelean. Possessing great divination powers, and uncanny wit, and the ability to predict conditions effecting battles, Ereland was proven an effective commander and information

Cellinor — Cellinor is the head of the growing church of Mayaheine in Grabford. He served in the Great Northern Crusades and was recognized for his command abilities, shrewd tactical skills, and personal bravery. After the crusade, Cellinor answered the calling of the goddess Mayaheine, and has been steadily building a following of her tenants. Cellinor is a charismatic leader with strong ties to the Furyondy military who often stop to listen to him speak about Mayaheine.

Schyzer — An albino Suloise who arouses great suspicion from the common people of his hometown of Morsten. He is a bewildering and enigmatic man who the leaders of the area simply cannot figure out what to do with.

Count Gladwell Solan — Count Solan is the current castellan of Castle Hart and a member of the Knightly Conclave. Solan is a simple man with little desires for wealth. He has fought in many battles and considered a war hero and has overseen the castle for a decade. At age 45, the Count is a tall man with curly red hair and deep green eyes.


Duchy of the Reach


Duke Bennal Tyneman — Tyneman is an older man with wavy black hair and dark blue eyes. He is a carouser, a self-indulgent gambler who reflects everything that his province is. He is cunning, too, and enjoys playing political games. Tyneman is a good man, but doesn’t agree with many of the King’s aims and goals.
Gilbair le Ronde — Portly, bald, and possessing a keen and vicious wit, the boisterous Gilbair le Ronde was once a keen diplomat, an incurable romantic, and one of the most vicious Knights of Furyondy. It is even said that, at one time, he nearly won the hand of Countess Rhavelle of the Gold County. An unfortunate injury at the hands of a jealous rival, however, cost Gilbair the full use of his left leg (he still walks with a distinct limp) and kept him from the Greyhawk Wars. Morose for having been left behind, Gilbair gave himself over to gluttony, developing a particularly strong taste for rich deserts and strong ale. This tendency has not hindered his status amongst the Noble Council; it is said he is just as formidable with diplomacy as he ever was with sword and shield. Gilbair currently serves as the Reach’s representative to the Noble Council.

Rafendyl — Called “Gildentongue,” Rafendyl is a Highfolk bard who fronts himself as a shallow, sensual fellow, but who hides a much more serious demeanor beneath—he’s actually a knowledgeable and well-connected half-elf, keeping an eye on Furyondian affairs and maintaining a network of information.


The Gold County


Countess Kyaren Rhavelle — In any other society, the red-haired Countess Rhavelle would be considered an old maid: 45 years old, never married, handsomely appealing, strong-willed and unexpectedly fiery. In the Gold County, this is just a testament to her value as both woman and noble, for surely, her standards must be high! And they are. Much of the Gold County’s unique society is reflected in its countess, who is its supreme and model peer. She lives in a sprawling estate that claims much of the western third of the county, and walks like a queen amongst the nobles in Libernen.

Canon Schyendorf — The influential Canon Schyendorf resides in Libernen, where she promotes worship of Rao and attempts to moderate the actions of the nobles. Her work is much appreciated by King Belvor, as Schyendorf is unusually persuasive with Countess Rhavelle, and can get her to see reason where others fail.

Carter de Gurwaltt — If Carter de Gurwaltt could describe himself in two words, they would be “subtle perfection.” To the other nobles, it’s more “unsubtle perfectionist,” for Carter is truly a captious and fussy individual, compulsively neat and quick to judge what he finds distasteful. He has a keen sense, however, and can be unexpectedly forceful; it is for these reasons that Countess Rhavelle has named him the Gold County’s representative on the Noble Council. Carter is a short, thin man with tightly cropped brown hair (he is fond of wigs) and impeccable fashion sense.

Lord Ogart Goldsaex — A recent émigré from the Shield Lands, Lord Goldsaex is a ruggedly handsome man with black hair and sharp blue eyes. He built a walled estate on the edge of Libernen in Richfest 590, and in the months since he has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the complex intrigues of the Gold County nobility. Lord Goldsaex commands a certain reserved respect in Libernen. He also acts as a member of Chendl’s Knightly Conclave.

Whillom Stronbillet — With the wild popularity of the Church of St. Cuthbert amongst the peasantry, it was only a matter of time before the people found a religious leader to represent their cause. Whillom Stronbillet is that leader—a symbol of the downtrodden faithful in the face of noble luxury, a strong-willed and vocal fighter for the rights of his flock. Whillom heads a newly erected church in Libernen, though most often he can be found either ministering to his faithful in the fields and small towns, or knocking at the doors of the ruling class.


Viscounty of the March


Viscount Luther Derwent — Viscount Derwent is the 65-year-old leader of the March. He is very intelligent leader, although many feel that he looks only upon what is good for his province, not the larger Kingdom. He is methodical and always possesses a complete knowledge of the facts of any issue.

Lady Alistacea — Lady Alistacea is the Viscount’s wife and she obeys her husband completely. She enjoys the finer things in life provided by the wealth of the March, and she hope that her sons (below) will realize how strong of a leader the Viscount is actually.

Gyneren — Gyneren is the daughter of the Viscount from his first marriage. She is in her late 30s and many have suggested that she could be a candidate to marry the aging King Belvor. She is often found in Chendl attending court. She is an average looking woman who obeys her father, it is unclear whether she has any desire to be queen of Furyondy.

Petronian — Petronian is the older of the Viscount’s twin sons by about 2 minutes. He has come of age recently, he and his brother are now in their early 20’s. The issue of succession in the Viscounty has not been settled, and neither of the brothers is actively courting their father’s approval. The twins wanted to become more involved in the crusade and their father forbade it. The two wish their father would more actively support Belvor and his opposition to Iuz.

Timarn — Timarn is the other of the Viscount’s twin sons and, like his brother, he also wishes his father would more actively support King Belvor. He studies the arts of diplomacy harder than Petronian and has also began to study magic in addition to his martial studies.

General Mauritian Declenn — General Declenn is cultured, intelligent, and perceptive leader of the forces along the Veng. Although many of his soldiers are from the shield lands, he has little time for their leaders due to their military blunders in the early part of the Greyhawk wars. From his based of Eyeberen, he readily sees the value of magic in keeping track of what is happening along the river.

Telemmand — Luther’s representative at Noble Council is the scribe Telemmand, an expert procrastinator who refuses to make any decisions until he has discussed matters fully with his dour, pragmatic liege.

Janzipir — Janzipir is an ugly one-eyed man who is an exiled Johrase bandit. Although he has no love of Furyondy, his hatred for Iuz and goblin-kind compel his actions. His is always absolutely honest in the information he gives that results in attacks versus the goblins or Iuz. He works for General Declenn who provides him a safe place to plan and scheme in the castle Eyeberen.

Hymend — The administrator of Worlende keep is Hymend. He is a noble paladin who is caught in an uncomfortable position between loyalty to his lord, the Viscount, and his King.


Furyondy Personalities of Note

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