Knights of the Order of the Hart (Knights of Furyondy)

The Knights of the Hart were formed in the ancient days to serve the needs of countries of Old Ferrond (Furyondy, Highfolk, and Veluna). They serve to protect these nations from invasion, support the local governments, seek out unknown threats, and to help fill the coffers of these nations. These Knights maintain strongholds, remain battle-ready, and keep a constant eye on the Empire of Iuz and Ket.

The Order of the Hart is the least militant major group of Knights on Oerik. They also serve in the courts of the nations of the Old Ferrond countries. The Knights of Furyondy have been very active in politics lately. The Knightly Conclave in Chendl is a group of nobles and knights who debate issues and offers their advice to the King. While the King of Furyondy relies on their support, their power is limited. Knights of the Hart also serve in local governments. Knights are also called upon to deliver justice unto the lawless in the wilderness where formal courts don’t exist.

There are three branches of the Knights of the Hart. They are the Knights of Furyondy, the Knights of Veluna, and the Knights of the High Forest. Regardless of which branch an individual Knight of the Hart belongs to he can expect assistance and hospitality from members of any of the three branches. Knights of the Hart typically remain within the boundaries of Furyondy, Veluna, and the Highfolk.

The Knights of Furyondy have 169 ordained Knights in their branch. Before the Greyhawk Wars and the Great Northern Crusade there were over 200 Knights in this branch. Many Knights of Furyondy have given their lives in defense of the Kingdom and the Order is looking for recruits. Membership in the Knights of the Furyondy is by invitation only. The order invites free humans and half-elves whom have performed acts of exceptional honor, bravery, courage, or service that possess proven combat skills. The candidate must declare their life to the protection of Furyondy, Highfolk, and Veluna. The coat of arms for the Furyondian branch is a pair of antlers on azure.

Current activities of the Knights of Furyondy include maintenance of northern strongholds, scouting actions into hostile territory along the borders of Iuz, supporting the Lord’s armies, and political actions deemed by them to be advantageous to Furyondy. Castle Hart in the County of Crystalreach is a military base with close to one thousand soldiers. Iuz is considered the greatest enemy of the Order and they have sworn to do anything possible to stop him.

Count Gladwell Solan is the current castellan of Castle Hart and a member of the Knightly Conclave. Sir Quill Kith’Barden, also a member of the Knightly Conclave, has been calling for an expansion of the Greenjerkin Rangers to help patrol the roads of Furyondy. Sir Lanistor is the current head dean of the College of War. Sir Lemajen Sterrich is on assignment in the Free City of Greyhawk. Lemajen is 36 years old and a successful merchant. Lemajen serves as the main representative of the Knights of the Hart in the Free City. Although he is a Knight of Furyondy he keeps his identity as a Knight of the Hart mostly concealed. Many Knights work in Crockport to rebuild there. The Knighthood considers recruitment of new members a primary responsibility but they will not lower the standards of the order. There have been rumors of a recent acceptance of a small number of combat experienced clerics and wizards into the Knights of Furyondy.


Knights of the Order of the Hart (Knights of Furyondy)

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