Law in Furyondy

The laws in Furyondy are fairly simple. Crimes are grouped into civil or criminal offenses.

Civil infractions are handled by cleric magistrates in most areas or sometimes settled by dueling champions between nobles. Furyondy law holds that Heironeous, god of valor and honor, will aid the righteous. Usually nobles hire champions to stand in for the accuser and defendant. During the Greyhawk Wars it was decreed by Belvor that duels must not be to death. Life must be preserved to defend the Kingdom. Either a first blood or three-touch duel is standard practice for nobles.

Criminal infractions are grouped into Grievous Crimes, Injurious Crimes, and Crimes of Disrepute. Grievous Crimes include murder, sedition, treason, and consorting with demons, devils or other evil creatures of power and blasphemy. Injurious Crimes include serious assault, tomb robbing or disturbing the dead, destruction of property, rioting, magical misconduct or unwanted influence, and major fraud. Crimes of Disrepute include minor assault, bootlegging, coin clipping, disorderly conduct, minor fraud, and bribery of minor officials.

Criminal infractions are handled by cleric magistrates or by a three-member panel of judges. Magistrates handle the simple issues and judges investigate the truly grievous or complicated crimes. This process can vary some province to province. In Willip only clerics of St. Cuthbert and Zilchus are allowed to adjudicate criminal and court matters. Most anywhere else clerics of Heironeous and Rao are also used in the court system. Those found guilty of Grievous Crimes are usually put to death, imprisoned in Castle Greylode, or banished. It is not uncommon to curse those banished, or imprisoned, or chop off a hand or limb as well. Those guilty of Injurious Crimes are often heavily fined, banished, or imprisoned. Those guilty of Crimes of Disrepute are usually fined but may be banished as well. Punishments vary from province to province and differ for those of noble birth or people of importance. Politics are everywhere in Furyondy.

In many communities of Furyondy it is illegal to posses birds of ill omen. Often ravens or crows are killed on sight because of the local belief that they serve as spies for Iuz. Because of the threat of disease, some locals prohibit people from keeping any rodents or vermin as pets.

There remains a plethora of Royal Edicts on the law books of Furyondy from Kings long ago up to recent times. King Thrommel I decreed that no one may live within three miles of the ruins of Bronzeblood Haunt. King Arvas II decreed that “The Dead Shall Not Rule”; a dead lord’s holdings and titles pass to the next of kin, even if they are brought back from the dead. Belvor IV has made a few decrees himself in his years. Some of these Royal Edicts are very obscured in the annals of time.


Any person afflicted with lycanthropy may voluntarily turn himself or herself into Furyondy court system. As long as they have not committed any criminal crimes in their lycanthropic form they will be taken to Castle Greylode and treated by the clerics in the facility for one months time without monetary cost. They will leave the castle fully cured of the affliction.

Any lycanthrope that has committed any sort of Grievous Crimes, Injurious Crimes, or Crimes of Disrepute will be put to death on capture or surrender. This is also true of anyone that has embraced the lycanthropic demon inside them and has willfully changed into the demonic form.

Death, Wills, and Rebirth

According to the laws of Furyondy, a will is a legal declaration of how a person wishes his or her possessions to be disposed of after their final death. Wills are not processed until a cleric magistrate has confirmed that the death shall remain final. Furyondy has a significant death tax and usually all items or gold remaining with a corpse are collected for the benefit of the Kingdom. Any resurrection for a person must be conducted before burial. It is considered an Injurious Crime to disturb any dead body even for restorative purposes.


Law in Furyondy

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