Sharp Shooters

On the edge of the Claw Gorge is a three-story building. This is the home of the Sharp Shooters organization. Above the door hangs a sign painted with a bull’s eye. which reads Sharp Shooters. The lower lever is made of castle grade stone, while the upper two levels are made of timber. A well dressed man, ready to attend to potential members and guests, always attends the door. The Sharp Shooters is an elite shooting club specializing in the crossbow and Murlynd pistols, located near Claw Gorge in the Barony of Littleberg. They practice in the art of shooting while relaxing in a country atmosphere. Ozmon Dead Eye is owner and proprietor of Sharp Shooter’s. He is a short, but stout dwarf with a black patch over his left eye. He was one of the most accurate crossbowmen in the war against Iuz. but he lost his eye when his position was overrun. After the war, he settled into Claw Gorge. built the club and has been enjoying retirement ever since. Sharp Shooters is an exclusive club, its members earning their place by invitation only. Many of the kingdoms best marksmen can be found at the clubhouse from time to time. Its members often attend competitions throughout the region and occasionally the club will sponsor its own contests. These events range from target shooting to game hunting but all are performed with crossbow or pistol.

Entry Requirements

  • Members must possess the Precise Shot.
  • Members must pay a 100 GP entrance fee.
  • Special: Membership Invitation.

An Invitation to join the Sharp Shooters can be gained in two ways:

  • Major Competition; Place in the top three in a target-shooting competition hosted by the Sharp Shooters or attended by Ozmon "Deadeye. You must use a crossbow or Murlynd pistol during the competition.
  • Private Invitation; After playing an adventure with a PC member of the Sharp Shooters, the two of you can agree to a private shootout at the clubhouse. You must meet all other entry requirements, and both PC’s must agree to spend 1 TU. You may only do this once per module. The contest is a thee-way shoot out between you the PC member of the Sharp Shooters and Ozmon Deadeye. Ozman Dead Eye Male Dwarf Fighter 8 Dex 18 At +15 ranged MW Heavy Crossbow. The three of you take turns shooting at a target until each of you has had 5 shots. No spells may be cast or in effect and no magic items may be used during the shootout.

All shots must be taken using a crossbow or murlynd pistol.

Each shooter gets a score per shot based on the AC hit.
Nat 1 = 0 points AC 25 = 10 points
AC 10 = 1 point AC 28 = 12 points
AC 15 = 2 points AC 30 = 15 points
AC 20 = 5 points AC 35 = 20 points
AC 25 = 7 points Nat 20 = 20 points

You may choose the distance from which all shots are taken, but it must be no less than 100 feet and no greater than the maximum range of any participant’s weapon. If you score equal to or higher than either the PC contestant or Ozmon you are granted an imitation.

Yearly Cost

Members must spend 6 TUs per year attending club meetings and events.


Sharp Shooters often provide lodging and support to other members who are traveling, granting free Rich upkeep while in Furyondy and free Luxury upkeep in the Barony of Littleberg.

Having honed their targeting skills, all Sharp Shooters gain a +3 circumstance bonus on checks to notice visible clues.

Many of the Sharp Shooters are also members of the social elite, granting their fellows a +3 circumstance bonus to backgrounds pertaining to nobility and royalty checks in the Kingdom of Furyondy.

Some Sharp Shooters have been known to make their own weapons or come from families that are known for this craft. Any Sharpshooter with ranks in Craft backgrounds gains a +3 circumstance bonus.

Being a member of an elite and exclusive club such as the Sharp Shooters has a noticeable effect on one’s social standing. All Sharp Shooters gain influence and start at least indifferent when attempting diplomacy with members of the Furyondy nobility and the clergy of Murlynd.


Sharp Shooters

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