Shield Lands


Major victories from the military over the last few years have allowed the Shield Lands to strengthen its borders; Torkeep, Gensal, South Keep and Admundfort are all well garrisoned. The attacks by Iuz have greatly lessened in the past year, prompting expansionists to consider reclaiming more land.

However, the Council of Lords is under attack. One of their Leaders, Natan Enerick, is in prison for the murder of Simen Sharn, Enerick’s own ward. Sharn was resurrected by the Temple of Heironeous, leading to tensions with the Pholtans, who opposed the move on religious grounds.

Missing are Captain Kruptan and the demoness Black Hearted Zhayne. They may know the truth of the matter but they are nowhere to be found. Now rumors are surfacing of a party of adventurers traveling through darkness and shadow beneath the Oerth in a quest to find the truth.


Shield Lands

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